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Clean everything
Build anything

one step closer to the plastic waste disposal solution

Our idea

We are building a recycling machine (REcycling eXtruder - ReX), that transforms PET containers into 3D printer material (filament). That way, we clean the environment and use the gathered waste to build, literally, anything – that’s exactly what the additive manufacturing technology (i.e. 3D printing) enables.

Thus we create a circular, profitable, self-sustainable and, yet, a green business model. 



Makers  enjoy building things – who doesn’t? Really, it doesn’t get much better than shaping ideas into reality… except it actually does. Using our filament to create anything, you also help clean everything.


How about we send you a free sample, so you keep bringing high quality products to the market while contributing to life everywhere?


Technology is an interesting and a very useful thing to teach your students, additive manufacturing even more so. Still, we can make it much, much more useful to the whole world: let’s teach them together about circles in life by using 100% recycled filament to create anything.



Your next project – we probably don’t know what it is; but we know 3D printing fits there perfectly. Whatever is your long-term or short-term strategy, 3D printing helps get you there – we provide high quality, recycled filament from the environment to produce orthopedic aids, industrial parts, art’s positives or negatives, as well as souvenirs.

Art & Design

We enable you to create your art, machine or interior design by connecting you with 3D modeling and printing experts. They build anything for you using the filament we pick up from our rivers, forests and mountains.


Environment & Society

You’ve been cleaning the environment and collecting the PETG containers? How about we buy them off you?


Even better – how about we build something you can use in your future projects and campaigns to clean the environment, from that very same thrash that was picked up last time?


Have an idea?


We do, too – let’s talk, we may provide materials, consulting, design and printing services – the full suite or a subset, as long as you achieve your goal

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